The comfort of a puffy liner, but the awesome feeling of a nicely crafted socket.

Like you are wearing your regular liners, you wear your Roliner. Then going for a walk? Tune from your phone. Sitting for a while? Just relax it from your phone.

It learns all of these for you and does them automatically. Based on your daily activities and the changes in the stump, it continuously checks your fitting and tailors itself for the best socket fitting. Unhindered Comfort.

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 Ugur, the good luck. 

 His name means good luck in Turkish.

 He designs medical devices 

 and he is our co-founder and CEO. 

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 Firat, the legend. 

 He gives us genius and inspirational ideas and he is our co-founder and CSO. 

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 Guglielmo, the magician. 
 He turns the impossible to possible. He is our biorobotics expert and CTO. 
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Amputee Advisors

 They are the heart of the team and   they deserve an unhindered life. 

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Joseph is a vascular surgeon and an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London. He is the Clinical Investigator of our clinical operations. 

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Dr Peter Bencsik

Peter is a medical doctor and a software developer specialised in AI at GE Healthcare.

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Nicolas Aicardi
Nicolas is part of our Business Development and Implementation Team. He oversees our business operations in Europe.
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Manuella Portier

Manuella is responsible for the EU project management aspect of our business in France.

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Dr Serge Kinkingnehun

Serge is an experienced entrepreneur part of our Business Development and Implementation Team. 

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Richard Guillaume
Richard is our Senior Business Advisor and part of our Business Development and Implementation Team.
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Laura Burgess
Laura is a Senior Physiotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital in London. She is one of our Clinical Advisors.
press release

April 6, 2019

We have been featured by the Royal Society of Medicine for our attendance to the Super-User Clinicians workshop. 

Our sincere thanks to the Royal Society of Medicine for their collaboration in our clinical trials. 

may 28, 2019

Hear from Ugur about his journey on MTSC and how his AI soft robotic liner for prosthetics continues to develop. 

july 5, 2019

Featured by Imperial College London News after being selected 'Company of the Month' by Medcity and having established a clinical collaboration with the Royal Society of Medicine. 

January 15, 2019

Mentioned by Imperial College London News as part of the MedTech SuperConnector Cohort One, translating academic work into innovative product.

june 26, 2018

Mentioned by Imperial College London News after being selected as one of the research projects part of Cohort One of the MedTech SuperConnector Program.

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